Disaster Initiatives

specializes in teaching crisis and risk communications to leaders in disaster preparedness and public information. The training offered by Disaster Initiatives equips spokespersons with the tools to effectively connect with their communities and the media throughout each phase of a crisis to build trust and integrity with the goal of saving lives during emergencies, such as:
  • Manmade disasters
  • Environmental disasters
  • Cyber attacks
  • Hospital emergencies
  • Terrorism attacks
  • Disease outbreaks
  • Foodborne illness outbreaks
  • Corporate crises
  • and various other disaster-based scenarios

Hear from the Owner

Mark Linderman

Mark is a nineteen-year veteran of Public Health and instructs Disaster Preparedness and Crisis/Risk Communication courses for nine universities, including Indiana University’s Fairbanks School of Public Health, University at Albany School of Public Health, and Arkansas State University.

He is considered a Subject Matter Expert in the field of disaster-based communication and is one of 2,500 Certified Emergency Managers (CEM) in the world. He earned his master’s degree in business management from Indiana University and holds certifications as a Communicator of Public Health (CCPH) and Certified School Safety Specialist.

Mark bases most of his expertise in communications from his background in television production, having been nominated for two Ohio-Valley Regional EMMY awards, and is the recipient of fifteen National Cable Television honors including several Telly awards. He continues to utilize his production and graphic design skills as a Limited Term Lecturer at the Purdue University Polytechnic Institute.

Mark is a widely received public speaker and advocate for disaster preparedness and channels his passion as a freelance journalist for magazines such as Recoil Off-Grid, Survivor’s Edge, Prepare Magazine, and Emergency Management Magazine.