“The teachings that are provided in this course will assist you in easily creating a system to effectively communicate to the media during a disaster, even if this is the first time you’ve done something like this. I’ve been extremely happy with what this course has offered my organization.”
Eric Coulter
WellCare Community Health

“The disaster communication instruction that Mark provides is critical. It’s better to have your team trained in crisis communications and not need the information than to have an emergency arise and not be prepared. Along with growing your emergency preparedness infrastructure, Mark Linderman’s crisis communication training is a great team-building opportunity.”

Bill Doering
Superintendent (retired)
Nettle Creek School Corporation

“Mark’s teaching style is practical and based from real-world experience, and he has the background to back up everything he teaches. He uses old-fashioned common sense with modern methods of technology mixed with humor and sincere advice. I can definitely recommend his course to any potential student.”

Linda Isom
Hagerstown Jr.-Sr. High School

“I must say that there are a few trainings in my life that have not only been extremely educational, but they were also an absolute blast to take. Mark Linderman’s course in crisis/risk communications stands out as one of them. I have had some experience in emergency planning as I was the hospital liaison to the county emergency preparedness committee post 9/11. I learned a tremendous amount of material from this course and had so much fun doing it. I really appreciate Mark’s approach to this very important subject during tumultuous time .”


Kevin Torrens
University at Albany
School of Public Health

“You only need to look at what has happened with current events to understand why every organization needs to be prepared for some type of emergency. I would encourage anyone who needs to learn how to communicate in a crisis to take this course! Mark will teach you to create an effective and cohesive communication plan that enables your company to respond quickly with integrity, compassion, and confidence. I strongly recommend working with Mark to learn how to create a crisis communication strategy for your company.”

Renee Doty
Marketing and Communications Manager
Wayne County Economic Development Corporation

“You can tell that Mark really cares about his students and wants to see them succeed. This course did a great job of helping me think outside the box regarding communication in a crisis. It can be from local government officials to executives in the federal government or even the private sector. This course provided me with guidance and tips to speak efficiently before, during, and after a crisis incident and will be forever drilled into my head. From someone who works in public access media, it’s refreshing to see someone include us in disaster preparedness at this level.”

Eric Marsh
Whitewater Community Television

“Understanding how to communicate at different levels as it pertains to media, community, and other emergency management functions is drastically important. Mark Linderman has provided probably one of my favorite courses that I have taken and made me look at disaster response in a completely different way. Communication with the public is not typically at the forefront of most people in emergency management, so I enjoyed seeing it from a new perspective. Mark Linderman encourages his students to create dynamic solutions to the problems he presents. If the material is followed, he embraces unique responses to the challenges he gives his students, which fosters some of the most comprehensive learning I have attended. Very interesting, different, and engaging class. I enjoyed every minute of it.”

Fred Griffin
Director (retired)
Wayne County Emergency Management Agency

“Mark Linderman’s Crisis and Risk Communications course was wonderful! The content was engaging and interesting, and I actually had fun completing the exercises! The coursework appeared very topical and applicable. Mark provided thought-provoking course material and facilitated great exchange among his students. I learned a lot about different communications strategies that will be helpful towards my current and future work.” 

Colleen Brewer 
Public Health Graduate Student
University at Albany Graduate School of Public Health

“As a Student Resource Officer for a local school corporation, I know how important communication is during times of emergency. Having worked with Mark in the past, I know his passion for the subject can be backed up with years of experience and expertise. School corporations are not immune to violence and disaster, and having vital training in crisis and risk communications should be at the forefront of any school administrator’s priority list.”


Rick Wilcox
Student Resource Officer
Nettle Creek School Corporation

“This was by far my favorite course in my career thus far! I enjoyed all of the content and exercises that Mark developed for us. I cannot stress enough how much I enjoyed this training. There was a perfect balance of structure to where I knew what I was doing but it also made me think outside of the box and ignited a new passion for the topic and I will be forever grateful for this class and Mark for making me realize this again.”


Tyler Rankin
Western Carolina University